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Never Get Hacked Again

Just using a Password Manager isn’t enough to keep your online accounts safe. If you’re serious about protecting your information you need to spend some time creating what I refer to as a .

Before I dive into what a security workflow is, I should note that this will be overkill for most online accounts. As a rule, I employ it to secure accounts that hold financial information, such as American Express and PayPal.

It’s also worth mentioning that this article assumes you a rudimentary understanding of how to protect an account — using a secure password paired with…

Hold on to Your 9–5 Dearly

I’m not kidding — despite earning more than $100,000 through various sources with what’s now minimum effort, I still spend my week working a 9–5. I’ll move on to the reason in a second, but before I do I should stress that this article won’t teach you how to create a new revenue stream. I won’t be revealing what industries I’m in or what I do here. Instead, I’ll be discussing the value of keeping a 9–5 once you’ve established an additional revenue line to (hopefully) stop you falling into the same trap countless others do. If I stop one…

They Can Elevate Your Website

Ever since websites introduced scripts to nofollow all of their external links out of fear of diluting their authority, Google has started showing them more attention. A nofollow backlink from an authoritative website in the same vertical can be just as — if not even more — valuable than a dofollow backlink from a smaller website in a different vertical (read: niche).

Hold Up! What’s a Backlink?

Feeling a little lost? Let’s take a couple of steps back. A backlink is a link from one website to another to indicate that the content at the other destination is noteworthy. It’s a bit like a vouch…

Tags are to content on Medium what wood is to a fire, and a creative headline is the same as a spark. But with no extensive catalog of the most popular Medium tags, how do you know which ones to use? It all comes down to relevance — pay the most attention to the overarching category it should be filled in as this will most likely have the largest audience, then use the remaining tags to drill down and get a bit more specific.

Say you’ve just written an article on an incredible JavaScript trick the world needs to know…

Apple will reportedly launch four new iPhones in 2021 — here are three features I’m hoping to see on at least one of them.

Touch ID

Apple did away with Touch ID on the iPhone X in 2017 in favor of Face ID, but if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we need both. I’m not talking about bringing back the Home button, though: I’m a massive fan of the all-screen design that debuted on the iPhone X and has been carried over to the current iPhone 12. …

From Amazon Prime and Adobe Creative Cloud to Dropbox and Netflix, there are so many services out there vying for our credit card number— and we’re quick hand it over, even if it’s just to take advantage of a free trial. But forget to cancel a subscription when you’re done with it and it could quickly turn into something you’re still paying for in year’s time. That’s why it’s important to track all of your monthly subscriptions — streaming or not.

I Found Out the Hard Way

To be honest, I don’t pay an awful lot of attention to my bank account. It’s bad, I know…

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